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As a not-for-profit institution, we can receive tax-deductible donations at all levels and guarantee transparent management of all gifts.

Italian Taxpayers
According to Italian law, the University is sustained in part through the contributions of private individuals and corporations and the Italian tax system extends tax benefits to contributors who make donations to it.

Contributions and donations made to Ca’ Foscari University and Fondazione Ca’ Foscari University by individuals can be deducted in full from their gross income (art. 10 comma 1 letter I-quater of DPR 917/1986 (TUIR).

Contributions and donations are deductible for an amount not exceeding 2% of the company's declared taxable income according to art.100, comma 2, letter a) of DPR 917/1986 - RM of 17 October 2008, n. 386/E. Contributions and donations from businesses to universities specifically in support of research are fully deductible from their taxable income according to art. 1, comma 353 of Legge Finanziaria 2006.

UK Taxpayers
Charitable contributions of £250+ to the University from UK taxpayers may be made through the Charities Aid Foundation and may be eligible for UK tax advantages and Gift Aid.

Residents of other European Countries
Ca’ Foscari’s membership in the Transnational Giving Europe network may allow tax benefits for residents of 19 European countries.

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